Amalia & Pepe Palacio

Jose Serapio Palacio

1923 – 1975

Leader and fulltime worker for the JOC Argentina, collaborator for the JOC Argentina, JOC Latin America, and JOC Internationale

Leader and fulltime for the Christian Worker Movement of Argentina

Spouse of Amalia Castaño de Palacio, a leader and fulltime worker for the JOCF in Argentina

‘Desaparecido’ 11 December 1975

Tortured and killed 13 December 1975

Thanks to Jose Luis Palacio, Jessica Blanco, the JOC Internationale, and the Cardijn Community International for the information, documents, photos and videos on the life of Jose Serapio ‘Pepe’ and Amalia Palacio.

Stefan Gigacz, editor, Australian Cardijn Institute


José Serapio (Pepe) Palacio

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