Mary Ho Fung Bing, Ex-YCW leader, Hong Kong

Mary Ho Fung Bing

Felix Chong and I were the delegates of HK YCW in Linz Council and Father Tom Danaher was our translator.  We met Pepe at that time.  

I remember that the delegates from Latin America carried out actions actively in order to improve their reality though they faced the danger of disappeared/ in prison.   

Their commitment to the poor and the oppressed really influrenced our involvement/ commitment in the YCW.

Please send our best regards to Pepe’s son and family.

Mary Ho Fung Bing

National president, Hong Kong YCW, 1975

IYCW Asia – Pacific Regional Team, 1978 – 80

IYCW Asia – Pacific Secretariat, Administrator, 1985 – 87